About Us:

Architecture Activism is our compromise to practice public-interest Architecture.

Millions of people around the world continue to struggle with unaffordable housing, unsafe neighborhoods, inadequate services, dilapidated or improvised school buildings, and the absence of basic healthcare services. The gap continues to grow between what millions of people need and what the current system of housing and building provides. For these reasons change must take place, it is inevitable.

In Architecture, this practice has led to the design and building of many powerful and highly functional buildings for all types of uses but also limits what proportion of society can be served by the profession. Research shows that Architects have an impact on only 2 to 5 percent of what gets built, which hardly makes a dent in the
requirements that we, as licensed professionals have in attending to the public’s health, safety, and welfare.

Architects need to make the case for a parallel public commitment to ensure that every person has access to design services for affordable housing, education, health-care facilities, and essential services.

Architecture Activism for Social Inclusiveness is a pro-bono branch of JSK Architectural Group, our Architecture practice in Miami, Florida. Stay tuned for our first projects located in South America and the Caribbean regions.